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The answer is quite simple. Because we have extensive experience and knowledge in providing contract manufacturing and material sourcing services from China. We know what customers want, and we know how to help them achieve the goal. The following are some of our advantages.
  1. Competitive price: On one hand, the ownership of its China manufacturing plant allows CPC to utilize all its resources to find out the most cost effective way to manufacture the products. CPC also uses its extensive knowledge and contacts with its nationwide alliances to cut down the expenses on material, freight charge, and duty charge. On the other hand, CPC’s long-term, mature relationship with the manufacturers that it carefully selected allows CPC to provide the best material sourcing solution to the customers with the lowest cost. More important, all these savings are shared with CPC’s customers. Consequently, the aggregative effects result in our competitive price.

  2. Competency:  More than 20 years experience and knowledge in handling manufacturing and material sourcing, and rigid standard compliance result in unmatched values. CPC has never lost its momentum to continuously evolve by responding to new markets and customer requirement, with technology advancements and innovations. It allows CPC to constantly satisfy its customers with the best solution while maintaining the highest level of quality, and quick turnaround time.

  3. Worry-free operation: A U.S. based project manager will be assigned to every customer. So the customer can contact the project manager at his or her convenience without worrying about time difference, language and culture barriers.
  1. U.S. quality: “Quality is our life” is not only a slogan at CPC, but also being ingrained into the whole process. CPC’s own manufacturing plant conforms to the highest standards for quality including MIL-STD-2000 and IPC-A-610 Class 1-2-3.  And all manufacturers with which CPC does business are ISO 9001/2000 certified.

  2. Reliability:  CPC owns its overseas manufacturing plant instead of representing it. It gives CPC full control over the project for timing and quality. It ensures on-time delivery to CPC’s customers. In addition, mature relationship with its strategic alliances allows CPC ‘s employees to work closely and seamlessly with them on the site to make sure the process going smoothly in accordance with the schedule. Should a problem occur during the process, the team will work together simultaneously to minimize the impact on delivery schedule.